International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) (1983)

It was my first job in Africa. I got to work at the ONNE research station in River State (see map below). I really enjoyed it and I discovered a whole new way of life. The evaluation of rice cultivars was a demanding job. All the IRRI descriptor list was observed. The trial report was presented as a Master Thesis.


SOCFINCO (1986-1987)

The company was the consultant for large oil palm plantations financed by the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

I worked in two of their plantations in Nigeria : Risonpalm (River State) and Adapalm (Imo State).

The large industrial plantations were a good school for planning, logistics, use of heavy duty machinery and financial management.

I was tasked to train a batch of extension agents and to implement a set of indicators to follow up costs and productivity.

The operations were very diverse as some parts of the plantations were at deforestation, replanting, immature and full exploitation stage.


Albert Grela - Agriculture, M&E, Irrigation