Agriculture Engineer 
Monitoring and Evaluation & Irrigation

Key qualifications


Agriculture development, water supply & flood modelling

Flood adviser - Cottingham Flood Action Group - UK (Oct 2009 - Sep 2010)

Volontary assignment with local civil society lobbying for drainage re-routing.

Rural Village Water Resources Management Project: Finnish bi-lateral funded executed by Finnish Consulting Group - M&E, GIS and HRD specialist ( Oct 06 - Jan 09).

Preparation of Water Use Master Plans supported by Geographic Information System (GIS). Construction / rehabilitation of water supply, irrigation, hydro-power systems. Promotion of non conventional irrigation (drip and sprinkler) and vegetable cultivation. Mobilisation of NGOs to assist Users Committees with design and procurement. Delegation of procurement to Water Users Committees. Establishment of baseline data covering all aspects of water usage. Establishment of a Management Information System (MIS) reporting scheme based construction progress. Preparation of a geo-database of all rural infrastructure assets as part of the MIS. Preparation of 3D models to visualize water supply service coverage. Preparation of videos for awareness, monitoring and advocacy. Online publication of schemes status. (http:\\

Community Managed Irrigated Agriculture Sector Project : AD funded executed by GITEC Consult - Agriculture Planner, GIS specialist (Aug 2006 - Aug 2009 discontinued)

Preparation of district irrigated agriculture strategy and basin water balance. Mapping agro-eco zones based on ecological and economical potential (road corridors effect). Establishment of irrigation development priority index (multi criteria index weighting social objectives and economical opportunities). Streamlining calculation of internal rate of return and household surveys.

Provincial Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project : KfW funded executed by GITEC Consult – Water economist & GIS expert (March-Dec 05)

Feasibility study for the expansion of 7 water districts. Preparation of a Geographic Information System for all the socio-economic and technical parameters related to water supply. Organization of participatory surveys, video shooting and editing. Web master for Network administrator for 15 GIS enabled workstations.

Niger 10 - Gafati (Niger) coordinator for the belgian NGO AQUADEV (Apr. - Oct 04).

Food security reinforcement through agro-sylvo-pastoral interventions, development and rehabilitation of wells, development of water storage and surface irrigation, setting up water users associations, alphabetization campaign, cereal stores, natural resources management. Conducting participatory baseline studies. Human and financial resources management. Video shooting and edition.

Irrigation development project Mid-Western Region (Nepal) EC funded project - Monitoring and Evaluation Expert cum deputy project director (Nov. 1998 - Nov. 2003).

Development of an integrated Management Information System to monitor the implementation of 31 participatory irrigation systems (gravity and pump schemes) including GIS support for construction progress.

Training Water Users Association for construction supervision, schemes operation and maintenance, conflict resolution, costs recovery, leadership and promotion of representative management committees (inclusion of poor, women, low cast…). 

Implementation of final users satisfaction assessments, development of self-assessment protocol for the Water Users Association committees.

Facilitation of a users oriented approach of irrigation schemes design. 

Promotion of a gender sensitive monitoring and systematic use of Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis tools.

Vegetable market surveys. 

Co-ordination of agriculture research and training program (paddy, wheat, lentils, mustard, maize, pigeon pea, berseem…) I

Implementation of GPS usage for baseline surveys; construction progress monitoring and water distribution monitoring. Training irrigation engineers.

 Developing formats for tender evaluation. 

Management capacity building : promotion of planning with MS Project, systematic review of implementation and financial progress, promotion of well illustrated reports and multi-media presentation..

Preparation of global work-plans, annual work-plans, budgets and financial reports. Management capacity building : promotion of planning with MS Project, systematic review of implementation and financial progress, promotion of well illustrated reports and multi-media presentation..

Web publishing with photo galleries and interactive maps.

Electronic publication : web site and multi-media DVD.

Himalayan Pasture and Fodder Research Network (Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan) FAO RAS/79/121 (November 1988-March 1992)

Data collection and trials follow-up in Nepal and Bhutan ; experiments topics :

forage grasses and legumes evaluation for cold and dry climate
inoculum and fertilizer response at high altitude
re-vegetation of degraded slopes
grazing trial with sheep on highland pastures
assessment of alpine pasture carrying capacity for yak and sheep
management of irrigated lucerne in rain shadowed areas - negotiation of water access with river basin stakeholders.

Administration and coordination of:

international research seminars
n-service training and fellowships
scientific publications and teaching material for extension officers
study tours

Centre Indépendant de Propagande Fourragère - Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) 
(Sep to Oct 84 - Sep to Nov 85)

Processing of fodder maize trials established in farmers fields.

 International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - Onne - Nigeria (Jul 83 to Oct 83) :

Evaluation of upland rice cultivars. Report presented as MSc degree dissertation.

Emergency relief operations

Food distribution and targeting planner with Save the Children Fund- Tanzania (Jan 98 - Oct 98)

Secondment to World Food Program.

Data collection and analysis regarding the vulnerability to food insecurity in Mara, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Singida and Dodoma regions. Training of enumerators, data processing clerks and NGOs staff.

Evaluation of irrigation impact on household food security and river basin management potential for the reduction of drought and flood damages.

Training NGOs, government staff and WFP food monitors about the basics of household food economy, food security and RRA methods applied for targeting. distribution. Organization of several workshops, preparation of lecture notes.

Interaction with farmers, stock keepers, local authorities and NGOs in promoting household approach for the planning of relief food. Preparation of geo-referenced food security database covering 250 villages in Singida region

Preparation of a food aid package for 88 villages with distribution committees training in Singida region.

 Food Security Advisor with Médecins Sans Frontières - Gode - Ethiopia  (Jul 1997 - Aug 1997)  

Analyse the root causes of returnees' malnutrition .

Use of RRA methods to identify needs and priority with youth, elders and women groups.

Propose activities to increase the food security in an agro-pastoralist system : rehabilitation of irrigation channels through food for work, promotion of drip irrigation, micro credit scheme, kitchen garden, fodder ...

Team Leader with Médecins Sans Frontières - Xincheng -China (Jul 1996 - Apr 1997)

Co-ordination of a water and sanitation program, providing drinkable water to 12,000 peoples in Xincheng district, Guanxi Province. Preparation of cost recovery procedures and planning of maintenance costs.

Township hospital rehabilitation, roof, toilet, septic tanks, plumbing ….

Flood relief operations in Anhui and Henan provinces. Assessment, negotiation of relief package and distribution to vulnerable groups.

Promotion of a river basin/watershed management to minimize flood and drought damages.

Senior logistic officer with Médecins Sans Frontières - Bujumbura (Aug 1995 - Mar 1996).

Co-ordination of medical and logistic supplies to refugee camps, hospitals and health posts all over the country.

Water supply to hospitals and refugee camps: springs piping, trucking, hydraulic rams. Negotiation of water access with local stakeholders.

Design, programming and implementation of a computerised purchase tracking system with MS Access. Training data processing clerks, purchasing officers, sub-project managers.

Setup a mapping system to monitor security events.

Training local and expatriate staff in various forms of computerised database management (stocks, fuel consumption...)

Implementation and maintenance of the radio communication network and security plan.

 Logistic officer with World Food Program - Bukavu (Zaire) (Aug 1994 - Mar 1995).

Set up a real time food delivery information system with MS Access : design the system and train data processors.

Supply of 27 refugee camps served on weekly basis by roads and lake.

Establishment of water access with local stakeholders.

Warehouse management, training of warehouse staff to fumigate and eradicate rodents.

Election monitoring

District Electoral Supervisor, United Nations Transitional Authority on Cambodia. (Jul 92-Jun 93).

Recruitment and training of 150 polling officers

Civic education to democratic norms and concepts : use of video, mock elections, participatory reading of booklets.

Polling logistics, rehabilitation of roads ,bridges and irrigation networks, survey of returnees resettlement through two rounds of surveys analysed with Access and Spss.

Negotiation of water access to small reservoirs and work contribution from irrigators.

  Observation Support Officer, United Nations Observation Mission in South Africa ( Mar-Apr 94).

Polling logistic, campaign and election monitoring. Briefing and deployment of international observers.

Monitoring European Union funded projects

Madagascar : March-April 2004 : Monitoring of one livestock development project and one micro-finance development project.

Gambia : Oct 2004 : Monitoring one education project and the support to the National Authorising Officer.

 Large scale plantations management

ADAPALM (Nigeria) (Mar 1986-Feb 1987) 

Design and implement a Management Information System to monitor progress of harvest and cost efficiency of the various agricultural and non agricultural operations on 4000 ha plantation with oil mill.

Training extension agents for the support of small holders (participatory classes and practical in plantation),

RISONPALM (Nigeria) (Feb 1987-Apr 1987)

land clearing, land preparation, irrigated nursery management, planting, 1500 ha/an in oil palm. Negotiation of water access.

UBA BUDO (Sao Tome) (May 1987)

irrigated cocoa nursery setting up (80 000 seedlings). Negotiation of water access.

Community development

«De Bouche à Oreille» NGO manager, Belgium (Jul 87 - Oct 88).

Marketing and financial management of educational toys retail, handicraft and second hand clothes shop. Training of secretarial staff in database, spreadsheets and word processor  


Driving merinos crossbreeds in the Alps of Provence (Jun to Sep 1978 and 79). 

Harvest and irrigation of lucerne and various fodders.

Academic records

2010 :      MSc GIS & Environmental Modelling, University of Hull, UK

1990 :      Six weeks course in "Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation", organized by INRA Montpellier, France.

1985 :      Post-graduate courses :

1984 :      MSc in tropical and subtropical agronomy in State Faculty of Agronomy ,  Gembloux Belgium

Languages proficiency

Mother tongue :         French
Fluent :                       English
Basic knowledge:     German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Nepali

Computer skill

Advanced user of: ISIS 1D, ISIS 2D, Mapinfo, ArcGis, ManifoldGis, , ReFH, Word, Excel, Access, SPSS, MS Project, Google Earth, Global Mapper, Python, CAESAR, EndNote, Pinnacle Studio, Ilife, Coreldraw, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Participation to seminars and congresses

February 1992: Presentation of a summing up paper regarding Himalayan Pasture and Fodder Research focusing on species adaptability along ecological gradients and reactions of herbage production to various stocking rate at the National Workshop on Livestock and Fisheries Research Programs, Kathmandu Nepal.

November 1991: Presentation of a series of paper concerning, forage, seed and natural grazing land production to the Regional Seminar on Himalayan Pasture and Fodder Research, organized in Palampur and Shimla India.

May 1991 : Presentation of a paper called : " Potential of intensive fodder production : Varietal trial at Marpha (Nepal)" at the IV th International Rangeland Congress in Montpellier France.

March 1990 : Presentation of a paper called : " Lessons learned from RAS/79/21 about experimental methodology and regional issues concerning some trials in Nepal and Bhutan" at the "Regional seminar on Himalayan Pasture and Fodder Research", organised by RAS/79/121 in Kathmandu Nepal.

November 1989: Presentation of a paper called : "Ecological classification through the Himalayan Range - A call for better transparency in the exchange of information through the Himalayan Pasture and Fodder Research Network" at the regional seminar on "Himalayan Range Problems", Peshawar Pakistan

Project proposals evaluation for the European Commission

Oct – Dec 2003 : Evaluation of project proposals for the European Initiative for Human Rights and Democracy in Tadjikistan, Kazakstan, Kirgizstan, Nepal, Pakistan and Palestine - Framework-Contract AMS/451


Interests : Epistemology, history and philosophy of sciences, poetry, Web site design

Born on 24/7/61, married  to a Nepalese women, Belgian nationality, father of one.


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