Albert Grela Story


Hi, there

Welcome to my completely revamp web site. It was something long overdue. But I am into it now.

My topics of predilection

I am not sure how broad and deep this blog will go but there are a few things I am ready to embrace.
The Photographer


It has been a never ending passion from my age 14 and I am 60. The photo collection is astronomical


Web editing

I have been fascinated by the possibilities of Internet to reach a very large audience. The first site I built is still alive and kicking :


Geographic Information System

Maps were an other obsession since I was 10. My life really changed when I got a demo version of MapInfo and a GPS. I have been mostly an autodidact but I finally got a master degree in GIS and environmental modelling.



Many of my years in Nepal were dedicated to building irrigation systems which are essentiel to paddy cropping


Water supply

Yes, water access in countries like Nepal is not multiple taps in your home.

Safe drinking water is not universal despite the rhetoric.



A chance to understand the world and its complexity


Philosophy and sexology

I still wonder how to differentiate these two approaches to human experience. For me, there is a great overlap and often fusion. I will try to explain my position.

Sauce aux avocats


My special gift

Home made medicine

Home made medicine

How I finally found an efficient treatment for my ichthyosis